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Our Story

Creative Web Tech is located in Canberra and was established as a side business to provide quality and affordable website solutions to individuals and businesses.

We’d often hear people investing thousands for websites and decided to focus our energy on helping individuals and businesses build an online presence and save money while doing it.

We have over 12 years’ experience in the IT industry. Our experience in the industry is mostly around understanding customers’ requirements and building complex systems to support their business processes.

The team at Creative Web Tech specialise in all types of website development, including WordPress websites and web applications for mobiles. We take pride in understanding your website goals and objectives to ensure we deliver a solution to suit your needs and budget.

We create single page websites right through to large multi-page websites with integrated e-commerce solutions (online stores). If you’re after a pre-built template or a custom website solution, contact us today for an obligation free consultation.

Although we are based in Canberra, we can provide our services virtually across Australia, and even internationally. We use various communication channels such as phone, email, Zoom, Facebook and WhatsApp to provide our services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable and easy to maintain websites.

We are focused on providing personalised website services to easily build an online presence no matter the budget.

What Makes Us Unique?

Creative Web Tech is a side business so we operate rather differently to most businesses but this makes us unique.

Operating Hours

Our operating hours are outside business hours which is after 6pm. This doesn’t mean that we will not respond during business hours, we make time during the day to take phone calls and respond to enquiries.

Most of the grunt work takes place after hours, so you might see us more active during that time of evening or the occasional 5am shift.

There are two reasons why we operate like this:

  1. We have a day job and we love it too much to leave – For now.
  2. Most businesses (including the owners) are busy during the day; this means we can communicate when you’re not focused on your customers.


Personal Satisfaction

We enjoy developing websites on the side and we’re not here to become a large-scale company or make massive profit margins – This in turn provides personalised and cheaper services to you.

We take pride in understanding your requirements, forming these into a website to help launch your brand. We are only satisfied if you are, and we’ll do just about anything to accomplish it.

Let’s face it, we also get to play with exciting technologies and lean new things every day!



We tell it how it is and always promise no hidden surprises!

We’re honest right from the start. From the services we provide, the technology we use, right through to the development and on-going maintenance costs associated with your website.

We can provide training so you can update your site so you never have to come back to us……. but we’re always here to help to matter the circumstance.

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