WordPress Maintenance Packages – Backup and Secure your Website

WordPress maintenance should be undertaken at regular intervals to ensure your websites performance and security is not compromised.

We provide affordable WordPress maintenance packages so you never have to worry about website backups, updates, uptime and security monitoring.
WordPress Maintenance
WordPress Maintenance Packages

Website Backups

Sometimes things can go wrong! When they really go wrong, you’ll want to make sure you have a recent backup of your site. If a catastrophic event occurs and your website is not recoverable, having a recent backup of your site will allow us to restore your website in the matter of minutes.

WordPress and Plugin Updates

Websites are like computers, they need to be regularly updated. Core WordPress and plugin updates ensures your site is performing at an optimal level and not vulnerable to security threats. Not only does a poorly performing website load slow and deter customers, it also has an impact on Google search rankings.

Website Maintenance Packages


We monitor your website for you! If your website goes offline it’s critical to ensure that it’s restored as soon as possible. Having an offline website has a negative impact on your business which can drive customers to your competitors.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

*Our support services for WordPress Maintenance Packages include broken sites, layout changes, updating images or content and training. Creating new pages or adding additional plugins are deemed at enhancements and not support services. Discounts on support are only up to the maximum value of your maintenance plan.

Package Features


Your website is frequently backed up to our reliable offsite cloud storage. So if a catastrophic event occurs and your website is not recoverable we can easily restore it to the most recent version. Without backups it could be a costly exercise to rebuild your website!


Regular core WordPress and plugin updates should be installed soon as possible. These updates address vulnerabilities, improve compatibility, provide additional features and often have important optimisations to improve website performance.

Support discount

As a maintenance package subscriber, you get discounts on website support for the life of your package. We can help out with content or layout changes, speed optimisations and even training so you can update your website yourself.


Maintenance Reports

Every month we email you a detailed report about the health of your website and what actions we’ve taken as part of your maintenance package. The information in the report details the features based on the package you’ve chosen.


Performing regular optimisations on your website ensures your website is not slowed down. We optimise spam comments, trashed items, posts revisions and database overheads to keep your website running as smooth as possible.

Uptime monitoring

Our uptime monitoring tool constantly checks your website, and alerts us immediately if it goes down. This allows us to swiftly work with you to take action and get your website online again so it doesn’t impact your customers.

Security Scanning

Our smart security scanning tool scans your website to detect malware using reliable sources such as Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web and ESET. Finding and resolving malware issue immediately reduces the risk of your website being compromised.

Performance Scanning

Our performance scanning tool provides an insight of how your website is performing, along with improvements required. Slow performance can impact on SEO and user experience. A history is kept so we monitor performance trends.

Broken Link Scanning

Our broken link scanning tool scans your website to detect any broken or unresponsive links. We will work with you to resolve any broken links as they can have a negative impact on SEO and user experience.

SEO Rank Tracking

Our SEO rank tracking tool allows us to track up to 100 keywords to see how your website is performing in Google searches against these keywords. We also track which competitors websites are ranking higher compared to your website.


We can connect your Google Analytics account directly to our tools allowing us to add an overview of the number of sessions, returning visitors, social media, organic search, pageviews, page sessions, time on site and bounce rate to your report.

Which Package is right for me?

Generally we recommended our Standard Package as it provides frequent backups and updates, along with a good balance of security and performance measures to keep your website optimised. If you aren’t sure or have questions contact us for a chat.