Website Process

Prior to building your website it crucial we understand all your website needs. We follow a structured process to ensure we maximise our time together, allowing us to deliver your website to a high standard and within in a timely manner.
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Initial Consultation
  • The initial consultation is free of charge. The purpose is to capture all your website requirements. This includes the layout, number of pages, features and support.
  • Once we’ve had time to review your requirements, we generate an itemised quote outlining the costs of your website.‎
  • Once you’ve accepted our quote, we draw up an agreement outlining the services being provided and the costs associated. This is to ensure we provide the agreed services as discussed in the initial consultation and the quote.
  • We commence designing the layout of your website. Generally, we start to develop the skeleton website with mock information and share this with you for review. Some more complex websites might first start with a sketch phase. This requires you to provide feedback on what you like, and of course don’t like.‎
  • Once you provide us with all the text content for your site, we replace the mock content with your text. At this stage your website should start to resemble the finished product.
Final Preparation
  • Final review to tweak content providing improved readability and search engine optimisation (SEO). We also undertake critical performance tuning to ensure your website runs fast to further improve SEO.‎
  • Your website is published on the internet for everyone to see! Our job doesn’t stop here, we check display,  performance, google indexing, analytics to name a few…..

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